CHAMPAIGN-URBANA, ILLINOIS – April 10, 2007 – Today, EpiWorks, Inc. a leading developer and manufacturer of compound semiconductor epitaxial wafers, announced the completion of its recent expansion at its production facility in Champaign, Illinois. This expansion boosts 6″ HBT production capacity to over 50,000 wafers per year. The equipment was purchased last summer, and wafers from the new equipment are already being qualified by EpiWorks’ customers. The new production equipment can also be used for the production of pHEMT and integrated HBT/FET technologies.

“Demand for our InGaP HBT technology has increased steadily over the past two years, and we are very pleased to have successfully completed the first phase of our capacity expansion in an aggressive time-frame. We expect to fill the new capacity by the end of the year, and, as this new capacity fills, we plan to begin our phase II expansion. This will double our capacity by 2009 to over 100,000 6″ wafers/year,” said Quesnell Hartmann, President at EpiWorks.

EpiWorks offers both 4″ and 6″ InGaP HBT production and utilizes state-of-the-art production equipment and facilities. The HBT products are manufactured with production metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) systems.

“EpiWorks has been working very closely with several InGaP HBT customers to ensure that we are providing a state-of-the-art InGaP HBT production capability. In addition, we are focused on providing our customers leading edge, next-generation technology. The shift toward MOCVD-based PHEMT and integrated HBT/FET technologies has also resulted in the potential for large increases in the demand for our wafers.” said Dr. David Ahmari, Executive Vice President at EpiWorks. “We believe that our advanced technology and ability to interact at a high-level with our customers will continue to enable further, rapid advancements in our materials technology.”

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EpiWorks, Inc. develops and manufactures compound semiconductor epitaxial wafers for application in optical components, wireless devices and high-speed communication systems. The company’s products provide these applications additional performance, such as greater bandwidth, higher power efficiency and better reliability. EpiWorks’ business model includes high-level customer interaction and co-development to rapidly advanced its customers’ technology capability and product performance.