Service & Expertise

We work closely with your team to be your Inside Source.

The EpiWorks Advantage is Clear

  • Industry leaders providing high-yield, reliable production
  • Next-generation epi technology developed specifically for your application and to your specifications
  • Leading technologists available to collaborate with your development, engineering and production teams
  • Close collaboration with your team to enable rapid product development and ease of scaling into high quality production

EpiWorks can drive the performance of your compound semiconductor devices—where they’re used, how they’re used, and the value they return. Come along for the ride. Partner with EpiWorks and let us be your Inside Source.

Production Expertise

Production Leaders

We’re out in front with the right process for consistent, high-yield production.

EpiWorks’ focus on advanced technology doesn’t diminish the company’s fundamental understanding of producing a consistent, high-performance product with high yield. EpiWorks is on the forefront with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, production experts, the latest manufacturing technology and a focus on quality.

Engineering Expertise


We engineer solutions that make next-generation epiwafer developments manufacturable.

If it doesn’t scale, it doesn’t matter. Even the greatest technology won’t affect the industry if it can’t be replicated reliably and repeatedly at a reasonable cost. EpiWorks’ engineering team makes replication a reality by serving as a critical bridge between R & D and production. For R & D, we take out the guesswork, making EpiWorks’ developments reliable and manufacturable. The production team is served by engineering’s ability to troubleshoot and solve problems.

R & D Expertise

Research and Development

We’re developing the semiconductor solutions that keep you a generation ahead.

While the research team is always working to develop industry firsts, their ability to collaborate with your device engineers, designers, or fabrication team is where the real advantage lies. We are your Inside Source, and it’s this brand of collaboration that leads to rapidly developing high-performance, next-generation solutions.

Customer benefits

  • Advanced materials and device technology
  • Simplified, drop-in solutions
  • Rapid product development

R & D focus

  • New materials
  • Deposition technology
  • Device technology
  • Fabrication solutions